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About Us

Adventure Time

First of all we are a Rock Climbing and Scuba Diving training school.

We organize many activities to make your holiday fun.


Our office is located in the most famous hotel of Olympos Kadir Tree Houses.

Team Spirit

And we are sure that our team is the most fun team you can meet in Olympos.

About Olympos Adventure Center

In 2001, it was opened by Metin Yilmaz in Antalya – Olympos – Kadir’s Tree Houses Hostel.Olympos Rock Climbing and Olympos Diving Center are rock climbing and diving trainings.ıt offers different tour options and offers guidance services in the areas of Canyon Tour, Summit March, ATV Safari, Boat Trip, Canoe Tour, Chimney Tour and Paragliding.


Olympos Adventure Center introduces rock lovers to nature lovers from Olympos, a popular tourist destination. every year an average of 1,000 people are introduced to rock climbing.

For all experienced and inexperienced climbers who want to do Deep Water Solo, they organize a tour to the Bat Splash Jumping Zone, which can only be accessed by boat, and opens the doors of a different adventure.


PADI, SSI and CMAS theoretical and practical trainings by professional diving instructors for 16 years,

Rock climbing basic training, leader climbing training, climbing techniques training by the professional climbing team.

Traditional Climbing Training, Decline Training, Multi Pitch Climbing Training.


Apart from the training, it offers half-day or full-day climb guidance. You can open the route you want to the top rope system allows you to climb safely as you can get your safety at any time by taking the lead to help you climb.

And also

In Olympos, there are 370 routes in 10 different climbing sectors.


All detailed information about climbing zones, new routes and updates are available from the Olympos Adventure Center.



OAC is the only climbing material center in Olympos valley for climbers with a lack of material. Depending on your needs, it offers half-day or full-day rental options.


In 1995, he started mountaineering and in 2000 he started climbing. In 2002 UIAA mountain guide and climbing in Antalya Olympos Kadir completed their training at the Mountaineering Federation of Turkey as a coach has opened the climbing center in Wood Houses. In this process, CMAS, PADI and SSI trainer documents completed by completing the professional diving instructor began.

He is an instructor of diving and climbing in Olympos in summer and tour guide in winter.