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Special events for those affected by the warmth of Antalya!

Get ready to explore the secret valley

You will begin to feel the effect of cool water from reaching the canyon in this activity that includes a full day of the Göynük Canyon. We’ll even wear special thermal clothes to get cold:) If you want to join the Zipline trail besides being fascinated by Jeep safari, swimming, hiking, lots of jumps and scenery in the Canyon, you’ll also enjoy the flying. And after the canyon and the zipline, you are waiting for a delicious meal.
Let’s explore how program flow;
At 10:00 a.m., our vehicle is moving in front of Kadir’s Tree Houses. We take a 15-minute break at the gas station for those who want to get a ride or water on the journey that lasts About 1 hour. When we arrive at the main gate of Göynük Canyon, we begin our 10 minute walk on the Lycian Way. In the meantime, prepare to see the perfect view, called the Secret Valley.
After the Walk we ride our safari vehicle and we make safari to the entrance of the Canyon. After this journey that lasts 10 minutes, we will meet at the entrance of the water after attaching our specially designed clothes, life jackets, non-slip shoes and helmet so that we can not chill in cold water. We swim in the Ground, sometimes we walk, sometimes we climb on the rocks and jump to the cold waters at the end of the route to the 7-metre waterfall that awaits us.
If you say I like adrenaline, our guide is ready to help you if you want to jump from the waterfall.
When we get back in The same way, new surprises are waiting for you. Even if you don’t want to slide from the Natural slide, there’s no other way to return:) But Don’t be afraid our guide will help you to gain the speed you need!! 🙂
When we finish the course and return to the entrance area, we proceed to the Zipline area with our safari tool.
Those who want To attend Ziplineda have 2 tracks of different lengths. The First Course is 250 meters long.
A small reminder for those who have never done Zipline before; Don’t be afraid and trust the material. You can scream all you Want. And you’ll be proud of yourself for showing that courage when you come back.
Those who do not want to do Zipline they can stay at secret valley


The Canyon tour makes you hungry:)

We went out of the Canyon, we did the zipline, but we hear people say we’re hungry now. Then We have a nice surprise for you.
We are going Ulupınar for lunch. . .