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Şüphesiz herkesin yapmak istediği ama pek az insanın cesaret edebildiği uzun macera

We know you came here on vacation. So our goal is not to tire you out and ruin your vacation. But for those who love hiking, daily trekking activity can be very tempting if it is on the road to Lydian.

If the Group reaches a minimum number of 6 people at 17:00 Clock, approximately 40 minutes after the Service, we start the Lycian Road Trail in Karaözde. Our Route is a historical lighthouse that has been selected as the best photograph of the Earth in National Geography and has led to the distant road ships in mythology, called the quietest place in the world, for about 1 centuries; GELIDONYA LIGHTHOUSE.

Together with the Breaks, we watch the sun set from the historic lantern and sip our wines after our average 2-hour walk.

In 1 hour until the Sun sinks into the dark, we walk towards our service in Adrasan and discover the continuation of the route. After so many walks, you deserve a good meal. Our Service takes us to the restaurant Where we dine at the Adrasan. And after our meal we return to olympos around 21:00.