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Bu sefer açık denizleri ve mağaraları keşfediyoruz.

We don’t know if you’ve ever used a canoe before. Are you ready to fight the waves to reach the goal and relax in the cave with your team in the desolation of the sea?

How’s the Program progressing?
We organize tours every day at 9:00 and 15:00. The tour lasts about 3.5 hours and 30 minutes of this time is spent with a swimming and rest break in our small cave.
First you will arrive at Yavuz Restaurant in the middle of Olympos and Çıralı coast. After arriving here, you can bring our canoes down to the beach and listen to a little briefing from our guide and wear our life vests. Don’t Worry, it’s all very simple. When you take the oars, you’il feel like you’ve known it for years. We are going to Olympos direction from Çıralı coast. After swimming and resting in the cave, we turn to see the Ceneviz Bay. We will be visiting 2 different caves during this journey.

There is a small section in the cave where you can make the jump by climbing the rocks. We don’t recommend you go back here without having fun.

Rowing on the way back to the wind is a little more adventurous. If you knock over the canoe, calm down and wait, the guide will help you 🙂