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2000 yıldır sönmeyen ateş!

This is the most famous place we’ve ever seen before. The fact of the matter is that the gas leak that leaked from the underworld is combined with oxygen. But You also listen to the mythological story of this..

After dinner at 20:30 every evening in the Season, Antalya’s Kemer District, Çıralı and Olympos 230 meters above the height of the journey to go to Yanartaş. After Approximately 40 minutes of travel, we reach the entrance of Yanartaş National Park, which is known as eternal Fire and has a natural source of fire. We start a walk on the path of the 1.5 km long, slightly inclined path (1200 step). This path is an important part of the Lycian Way, which was eroed by slaves who traded olives and olive oil years ago. We are in the direction of our flashlights because there is no illumination during our night walk towards the height of 230 meters. A little further, with its natural beauties and glory, the burning stones await us for 5 millennia. When we reach the top of the Mountain and see the burning stones, we leave behind the fatigue of the slope we climb while watching the flames with admiration.

When we look at the real formation of Yanartaş, the cause of these flames is the fact that natural gas that leaks from an oil reservoir in the depths is a meeting with oxygen. However, because this oil reserve is economically inadequate, any oil plant cannot work in this region. Thus, this region can open its doors to us as one of the unique beauties of our country.

After taking souvenir photos around a pickin we Chose, those who want to bake marshmallows on endless fire continue to chat.

After 1 hour of the Yanartaş pleasure, we return to our camp at 23:00 the same way.