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Kadir’s Tree Houses

Meet the oldest adventure center of Olympos

2000 yılında TNT’de 'Yeryüzünün En İyi Hosteli'

2010 yılında Washington Post’da ''Dünyada Görülecek En İlginç 10 Yer'' arasında

2011'de Los Angeles Times tarafından ''Dünyanın En Cool 10 Hosteli''

theguardian tarafından “en iyi ağaç ev “

Kadir'in Ağaç Evleri Hakkında

Located in Olympos, Antalya, the facility is the ideal place for travelers who have not yet lost their spirit of adventure!

Kadir’s Tree Houses, popular in the International Backpacking community, was elected as the best Hostel in the world in 2000 at TNT. In 2010, he was among the 10 most interesting places in the world to be seen in the Washington Post. In 2011, the Los Angeles Times ranked first among the 10 ’cool ın 10 Hostel in the world. BBC Television took two shots in Olympos with the name of olu The Silk Road Documentary of Backpacks BBC.

Discovery Channel also shown in an hour-long program where the Turkey’s promotion, even the “Odyssey” movie shot here and a big ox models used in the movie film to commemorate the entrance of the camp was made. The world-famous Bull Bar, the fog’s bar, was named here. Kadirs Tree Houses to the coast, Olympos Ancient City within 1.5 km walk or the ancient city, access to the door is reached by taking advantage of the free service. Olympos is connected to the Museum Directorate of the Archaeological Site because of the entrance fee Olympos

Kadir Kaya, the founder of kadirs Tree Houses, started living Robinson Crusoe life when he came to this region where electricity was not even 31 years ago and he was able to bring the facility to this day with many difficulties. Serving its guests 31 years ago with a few houses, Kadir 10s Tree Houses is a facility consisting of 100 Bungalows, 15 cabins and 10 crowded rooms, which can serve 300 people today.

Kadir Kaya, who is the founder of the tree houses, has come from all over the world. He likens life here to the United Nations Camp. And he adds : This is a camp where everyone is equal, no one is bothering anyone, the people of the world are gathered, there is peace, friendship, brotherhood and love. You can find yourself a place to stay among the pine forests, orange groves and tree houses built on the top of the trees. Kadir’in Tree Houses is a place that should be visited by holidaymakers who like nature and adventure, especially travelers.


B.C. Olympos, where the Lycians settled for the first time in 2000, BC. In 80, he was captured by pirates under the command of a Cilician pirate named Zenniketes. It was taken in 78 by the Romans.

During the Crusades, Olympos was invaded by the Knights of Venice, Genoese and Rhodes. Until recently, the city where the Turkish settlement was not available was used only by nomads as winter. Olympos, which is completely protected as an archaeological and natural protected area, is built in a valley where Akçay river flows into the sea and flows through the middle.

In ancient times, the walls of the rivers were channeled into the river. After the Middle Age, no settlements were found and the city was lost among the trees and gained a mysterious appearance. .